Our exceptional employees are provided with all the tools they need to insure your car will be returned to its pre-accident condition. Below is a brief example of state-of-the-art equipment you will see in our facility:

  • Duz-Mor “Titan” Drive on Frame Rack
  • Duz-Mor “Pro-Liner” Drive on Frame Rack
  • Black Hawk “Power Tower” floor post and 3 designated floor pot systems
  • Sonic 360 computeried measuring system
  • CLC computerized measuring system
  • Elektron M100 resistance spot welder
  • Snap-On MIG Welder
  • AUTO-ARC 220 Volt MIG Welder
  • 2 Garmat Down-Draft Spray Booths
  • Becca paint gun cleaner/solvent recycler
  • Hydra-Lift above ground lift
  • International 18 ft. Rollback tow truck
  • Paint by Akzo Nobel (Lesonal Line)
  • Pathways” Shop Management System
  • CCC Pathways Estimating System
  • ADP Estimating System

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