Q: What should I do when I have an accident?
A: Always get law enforcement involved. Call you insurance company. Get as much information as possible from the other person. Never let anyone talk you into not reporting the claim.  They claim they will take care of it but 70% of the time you will be stuck for the repairs. Always take it or have it towed to your preferred shop.

Q: What should I do if the Insurance company insists I go to one of their preferred shops?
A: Just tell them that you have a shop that you prefer to do the repairs. They cannot force you to go to one of their shops as per Pennsylvania state law.

Q: What if they tell me I need three estimates?
A: Pennsylvania’s insurance law states that you only need one estimate from the shop of your choice.

Q: Should I go to their claims center?
A: Again just take it to the shop of your choice and they will have to send out a claims estimator to get an agreed price with your shop.

Q: Can I expect my vehicle to be returned to pre-loss condition?
A: Any quality shop will return your vehicle to pre-loss condition. Most quality shops have the necessary equipment and training to accomplish this and offer a full warranty to the repairs they perform.

Q: What do I do if my vehicle is totaled?
A: Most of the time the Insurance company will offer a fair settlement for the cost of an equal vehicle. If you feel the settlement is unfair you can go online and check market prices and you may also call local dealers for price quotes for a similar replacement. Then you will have the needed information to argue for a higher settlement if needed. If you have had any major work done that may also add to the value of the vehicle, but you will need receipts to prove it. Be aware once the insurance company offers a settlement the cost of a rental may cease.

Q: What needs to be done when I am to pick up my vehicle from the repair shop?
A: You will need to make sure you are aware of the deductible amount that’s due to the shop. You must have all the checks that the insurance company has issued to you. In short be aware what you owe the shop or you may not be able to get your vehicle from the repair shop. At the time your repairs are complete the rental vehicle must be returned or they may charge for additional days. Always check over that the repairs are made to your satisfaction.

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