O’Neil Collision Center Limited Lifetime Warranty

1. All warranties on parts replaced on the repaired vehicle will be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

2. All mechanical labor performed will carry a 1 year unlimited mile warranty. Warranty will be void if any infractions have occurred to the repaired area since the repairs.

3. Quality is to the satisfaction of the customer. If there is a disagreement, we will accept the judgment of the Insurance Company as to what is acceptable.

4. Paint work performed will carry a “Life Time Warranty” with the exception of the following:

  • Stone chips or any external abrasions
  • Acid rain or industrial fall out
  • Lack of ownership maintenance
  • Premature waxing to new paint (30 days wax free)
  • Failure must not be allowed to progress to an irreparable state
  •  Rust repair.

5. Body work performed will carry a “Life Time Warranty” with the exceptions of the following:

  • Damage done to vehicle after repair
  • Alterations to our repair work
  • Responsibility of owner to bring a problem to our attention before additional damage is done
  • Rust repair.

6. Warranty is not transferable to new owner.

7. Owner must present copy of repair order.

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